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Solar Shades
Roller Shades
Winston-Salem, North Carolina
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Dual Shades - 2 shades in 1
Solar Shades are for formal settings as well as casual.
A higher level of openness allows you more of a view to the outdoors.
Dual shades are two shades in one.  A room darkening shade is positioned in the front and a solar shade is located behind it, giving you the ultimate in sun control flexibility.
Here is that same set of shades at nighttime, when privacy is essential.
Roller Shade prints and patterns.
Light filtering Roller Shades.
Roller Shade textures.
Roller Shade light control.
Exterior shades are designed to withstand the elements.
Solar Shades come in a variety of openness levels, controlling the amount of sun that filters through the shade.
Porch Shades